Ethos and Vision

When we first wrote our first School Vision in 2008, it contained buzz words and phrases like ‘strive to improve’, ‘current’ and ‘best practice’; ‘collaborate proactively and reflectively’; ‘holistic development’, ‘scaffold support’, ‘reflective setting’ and ‘learning base’; ‘flourish and realise potential’, ‘mentoring and interaction’ and ‘empathy and nurturing’.

This is our Ethos, now written by the children. It says what our school does, why and how. It ends with a joint Vision for the future, and a new motto for our school.

Our school is inspiring. We have fun lessons and great teachers. The School environment and outdoor playing spaces influence our creativity.  We learn a range of different subjects in our classes, where our teachers create fun and exciting lessons to allow us to learn. We sometimes learn together in groups with different fun activities and we enjoy collaborating in our ‘Houses’. We challenge ourselves to do things we can’t do, Gem powers increase our learning. Lots of visitors are invited to help us to learn too; even the Teachers go on courses to help them continue to learn. If any children have special needs or disabilities we have special staff that will be able to care for them and help them to do their best.

The adults in our school aim to give us challenges and tests to help us get good results. Teachers try their best all of the time to help all children to succeed. In our school, we are given many opportunities, including advice to develop our ambitions and residential visits to build our resilience. Children take pride in doing their best in everything and are rewarded with House points, merits or their name in the ‘good work book’ to celebrate this.

Our school has high expectations of our behaviour; this makes us feel safe. If children don’t behave sensibly, adults take matters seriously and deal with them fairly. Rights and respect are important in this school and children’s voices are always heard. The school charter is very fair and children understand it. We learn to be responsible in our happy and caring school.  Safety is taken seriously in our school, we have permission to take risks which helps with our confidence.

Teachers, governors and children working together to make sure our school keeps improving and is the best place to learn.

We’re Making a Difference at Hesleden Primary – MAD

Click here to download a hard copy of our Ethos Statement.