Looked After Children with SEND

Mrs Dunn (HT/SENCO) is our Designated Teacher for Looked after Children. She ensures all teachers in school understand the implications for those children who are looked after and have SEN.

The designated teacher will work within school to support as needed by:

  • building positive home-school relationships between parents / carers with regular opportunities for dialogue
  • being proactive and participating in setting goals for the child’s PEP
  • having an overview and coordinating role for gathering and holding all information regarding children who are looked after

The designated teacher will monitor each child’s achievement and ensure that they have the support they require within school:

  • by meeting with the looked after child to discuss who needs to know they are looked after and to ensure that the young person is informed of their role
  • by ensuring each child has a named member of staff who can provide advice and/or practical help on academic or pastoral issues
  • by ensuring each child has a Personal Education Plan
  • by requesting support from outside agencies, if a looked after child requires additional academic or behavioural support (SEN)
  • by working closely with the staff to ensure all looked after children with special educational needs are being assessed and are getting appropriate resources to support their learning
  • by ensuring all looked after children are made to feel a part of the school environment